Read These 8 Working Tips To Make Your Sex Date Perfect!

One-night-stands seem simple, but it’s not that easy to establish them. It’s very important what you write and what you’ll tell the girl the next day. So, these eight tips will help you have a great night together!

Do You Want Casual Sex? Look Like The Superstar And Be Nice

A woman decides whether she wants you, assessing what you are wearing and listening to what you are saying. So, put your five-year-sweater and old black pants on the shelf. And forget about the Grumpy-Cat-Face. You need to be attentive and charming, all women love it. Show a genuine interest in what she says, not just in her body. And maybe you will end up in long-term casual relationships, so take your chance.

Get To Know Each Other Closer During Sex Date

When you’ll meet, you shouldn’t jump into the sack with her immediately. Instead, have a small chat and get to know your partner a little closer. It doesn’t mean that you need to share your childhood traumas, but a 30-minute casual talk won’t hurt. There is a simple way to relax, eliminate awkwardness and get in the naughty mood. Just find out her interests asking if she’s ever practiced Shibari, what is her biggest sex fantasy, and how she imagines sex between you two. And maybe you will become something more than just sex partners, friends, for instance, who knows? It will bring both of you even more pleasure being friends and sex partners at the same time. And talking about favorite things will get you into the right mood.

Show Mutual Respect Even If You Want Just Sex

You need to treat your partner with kindness and respect. Don’t forget that both of you are here for fun. Your partner wants to get and bring pleasure as you do, she is not a callgirl. You can turn the random hookup into a wonderful date and make it a one-night-fairytale. You need to show respect even after sex, don’t run away from her the moment you finish. Treat her the way you want her to treat you. And please never judge her for that night.

Make The Hookup Enjoyable For Her!

Don’t be the man that thinks he is the only one who deserves to get some pleasure during the one-night-stand. It would be wrong since both of you are here, sharing the same bed. If you are going to ignore your partner’s needs and feelings, then just jerk off. Otherwise, pay attention to your woman and try to make this evening best for both of you. You will get even more pleasure if she enjoys being with you. Ask her about her fantasies, and maybe you will make them happen. It will be great if your fantasies are matching or complement each other. Make the night pleasant for you and her. After The Random Sex Is Over Spend Some Time Together Do not rush to leave immediately after you are done. Ask her if she wants to spend some time together. Women enjoy spending time together after sex. Even if it’s just sleeping or cuddling in one bed for the rest of the night, do it and savor it before leaving.

Be Open With Your Sex Partner

You need to be honest with yourself and your partner about your desires and expectations and also ask her what she thinks about it. Understanding your wishes and expectations will help to avoid disappointment. If you are looking just for a one-night-stand, then let her know.

Don’t Come Unprepared For The Hot Sex

Don’t forget to bring a condom or better two or three. Be prepared and don’t risk contracting an STD or having an unplanned pregnancy. Being smart is about being prepared.

Be Open To More If You Wanna Have Sex

If you feel the chemistry and you think there might be something more, be open to that idea. Your partner may or may not feel the same way, but say it anyway and be ready for any response. Your risk can be worth it.

Bottom Line

Get laid on sex sites is not that hard. Now you’re ready for anything after reading this short manual and understanding key points of it. Now it’s time to find a hot chick on one of those sites and see if it’ll work right away!